Frac Cat Trailer



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Special-purpose Vehicle


- Representative, reliable special-command vehicle with dynamic appearance

- The vehicle has all-round pneumatic suspension and can therefore be used to safely transport

   sensitive equipment and control units, e.g. measurement-equipment, computers etc.

- The height is infinitely variable thanks to the level control system

- Single-person quick operation

- Set-up time: approx. 10 minutes, depending on configuration

- Professional, robust and proven technology from the wide range of JUMBO-trucks


*weight:                      12.000 kg, depending on configuration

*allowed total weight: 24.000 kg, depending on configuration




- Custom-built to meet strict German quality standards

- 2 axles, air suspensioned, 9 t each, ABS / EPS

- Side panels of coachwork seamless, for logo / external advertising, surfaces will not buckle

  from effects of changing temperatures, suitable for washing facilities

- Complete side and rear fibre-glass panelling

- Diesel heating

- 4 stabilising supports on chassis

- Fully painted, high German standard

- Fully summer and winter compatible – also suitable for use in hot and cold climates:

     *Temperature-protected installation of water tank and all pipes


     *Diesel heating

- Additional position, stopp and flashing lights at top on rear integrated in trailer LED-lights


- 3 entry doors, dimensions approx. 750mm x 2.100mm

- 1 window in each door, approx. 400mm x 500mm

- 3 set of special entry steps, extending, 2 stainless steel hand rails, safety lock

- top step as platform

- 1 flap with integrated cable flap, approx. 500mm high, 1.200mm wide, 2 slide-out cable drum


- 5 windows in side / rear-walls, tinted 2.000mm x 1.000mm

- vertical blind for each window

- 2 window in roof of Tool Worjk Shop, approx. 1.000mm x 1.000mm


- 1 x 400V / 32A CEE AC power feed for external supply

- Internal distribution via fuses and FI contactor

- 30 fitted ceiling spots integrated in multifunction ceiling channel, swivelling,

  12V halogen lights fitted with floodlights or spotlights, dimmable

- 24V service light

- Electronic phase and neutral-guard

- 2 cable-channels upside and below desk in Pump- and FracCAT-room


Water / kitchen


- kitchen-module, approx. 800mm wide, 800mm deep, 2.400mm high

- stainless-steel sink

- refrigerator 103 l

- microwave-oven

- Hot / cold water supply and drainage via integrated fresh and waste water tanks,
each approx. 100l, installed with frost protection

- Additional hygienic special direct quick-connect system to public supply system

- integrated waste-bin




- Diesel heating, 1 x 5kW for presentation area, supply from the tank of trailer, also operates on

   the road and during storage, diesel pump, battery buffer 200AH 24V, charger

- 2nd heating system using heating register when climate pack is chosen


Comfort air conditioning and heating package

Electrical heating register extra strong,

Slow start relay,

Heatpump function

Total of 10 kW cooling

Total of 12 kW heating

Extra powerful and quite version

Each room controlled separately


Under floor storage boxes

Accessible from outside, suitable for storing

Bulky objects, lockable, splash resistant



Extra strong walls, highest insulation,

solide mounting in walls possible

windows doubleglassed


“SUPER SILENT” diesel generator package 22 kW / 26 kVA

4-cylinder, asynchronous, output 400V,

3-phase 50Hz alternating current,

water-cooled, incl. noise insulation capsule, 52dB

separate muffler, vibration damping,

electrical start, operated from driver’s cab,

control panel, self-locking control switching in case

of low oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery switching,

overload protection, extra quiet, underfloor installation

Can also be positioned on the tractor unit





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