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1.         General description


-    Representative, reliable special-command trailer with dynamic appearance

-    The trailer has all-round pneumatic suspension and can therefore be used to safely

transport sensitive equipment and control units, e.g. measurement-equipment, computers, etc.

-    Single-person quick operation

-    Set-up time: approx. 10 minutes, depending on configuration


1.1       Exterior Dimensions and Weights (all measurements approximate)


-     Trailer (during driving)

            Length:                                        13.500 mm         depending on tractor unit

            Width:                                           2.550 mm

            Height:                                          4.000 mm         can be adjusted with level control system

            Fifth wheel height (standard):           1.200 mm         depending on tractor unit

            External advertising space:             > 100 m2         

            Empty load:                     approx. 12.000 kg          depending on configuration

            Allowed total weight:         approx. 27.000 kg          depending on configuration


1.2       Trailer


-          Custom-built to meet strict German quality standards

-          2 axles, air suspended, uplift, downlift

-          Side panels of coachwork seamless, for logo / external advertising, surfaces will not

           buckle from effects of changing temperatures, suitable for washing facilities

-          Complete side and rear fibre-glass panelling, Aluminium flanges

-          Completed as Faraday cage with connections to chassis and sub frame

-          Walk-in roof for service purposes

-          Roof with anti-slip covering

-          In middle of the roof safety eyes for personal security

-          In front of trailer stainless steel ladder to climb up to roof

-          Lower platform at rear end of roof for Halliburton’s satellite antenna

-          Fully summer and winter compatible – also suitable for use in hot and cold climates

o       Temperature-protected installation of water tank and all pipes

o       Insulation

o       Diesel heating

-          Additional position, stop and flashing lights at top on rear integrated in trailer LED-lights

-          4 stabilising supports on chassis, uplift and downlift

-          2 entrance doors, approx. 800 x 2.100 mm, with window glass

-          2 sets of special entry steps, extending, 2 stainless steel hand rails, safety lock

-          top step as platform

-          1 backdoor with through out flap, adjustable with gas-filled shock absorber, inside lighted

o       backdoor as rain cap

      -          5 windows in side / rear-walls, tinted,

-          all windows bronzed, when indicated double glazing

-          vertical blinds for each window or Aluminium blinds

      -          Underfloor boxes, external access, lockable

-          fibre-glass panelling protected

-          impermeable to splash-water

-          automatic lighting

-          full side panelling in fibre-glass, plain, adjustable, hinged 270°


1.3       Power / Light


-          1 x 400V / 32A CEE AC power feed for external supply

-          Power supply with 400 V / 32 A outside 3-phase power socket

-          Internal distribution with fuses and FI contactor,

     electronic phase and neutral-guard, automatic phase changing switch

-          Approx. 36 sockets in furniture or cable cconduits, to be arranged as required

-          2 external 230V, 16A sockets

-          30 fitted ceiling spots integrated in multifunction ceiling channel, swivelling,

     12V halogen lights fitted with floodlights or spotlights,

     dimmable for each operator’s position

-          8 external lights around the trailer

-          All wiring concealed

-          central distribution box


1.4       Water supply and water disposal


-          Hot and cold water supply and disposal about integrated fresh water tank and sewage tank,

           each 200 liter, frost-resisting installed, sewage tank in stainless steel.

-          additional sanitary special quick-direct water connection to the public water supply


2.         TCC indoor


-          Multifunctional due to system elements for simple rearrangement

-          High-quality wall covering, synthetic, grey, wipeable

-          Floor covering: high-quality caoutchouc

-          Underfloor channels for power and data cables permanently available, prepared for modifications and additions

      -          1 dividing wall between command room and labor room with slide door with window glass

      -          19" Rack ceiling height

-          for heat transmission connected with air inlet of air conditioning

-          incl. glass door

-          material:                    steel

      -          Workplates

      -          19“ rack under workplate

-          Cable conduit with sockets above the workplate

-          Cable conduit for data cable below the workplate

      -          1 handwashbasin stainless steel with faucet and

           5 liter undertable storage water heater

-          8 office chairs with armrest (as per sample)

-          1 CO2 extinguisher

-          First aid kit DIN 13157

-          Audiosystem with

4 speakers in command room and

2 speaker in labor room




-          TÜV-inspection certificate

-          CE-approval and CE-certificate acc. Maschinenbaurichtlinie 2006 / 42 / EG

-          Instruction manual in English/German language


Comfort air conditioning and heating package

-          total of 15 KW cooling

-          function of heat pump

-          incl. 4 KW heating

-          air conditioning, heating, pipes, start-up

-          separate control for both rooms



-          Extra strong walls, highest insulation, fibre-glass, PU, total 56 mm

-          roof-isolation sandwich construction witch 54 mm isolation

-          all windows double glassed


Diesel-Generator-Package „SUPER SILENT“

-          4-cylinder, asynchronous, output 400 V, 22 kW / 26 kVA

-          3 Phasen 50 Hz alternating current,

-          water-cooled, incl. noise insulation capsule, 52 dB

-          separate muffler, vibration damping,

-          electrical start, operated from driver’s cab,

-          control panel, self-locking control switching in case

                 of low oil pressure, coolant temperature, battery switching,

-          overload protection, extra quiet,

-          underfloor installation

-          200 L Diesel tank


Kitchend module

-          kitchend module with stainless steel basin and faucet

-          storage water heater

-          fridge

-          micro wave

-          industrial coffee machine

-          wall unit for cups, etc.

-          cup holder


How to contact us:


Handelsgesellschaft Renn mbH

Theodor-Heuss-Ring 15

52511 Geilenkirchen/ Germany

FON: +49 / 2451 / 627200